Montbrun-les-Bains in Provence

Goals for 2015

I did my 2014 Strava story and no wonder, it was a very small year! Of course like every year I am often out for cycling issues (delivering bikes, cycling trips support) but unfortunatly not I don’t take time to ride my bike.

So I took some resolutions for 2015. The idea is to ride more but it has to stay fun of course.

Actually the first step was done last november when I signed up in recreational mountain bike club in Muret. It is composed of pretty good riders participing in a lot of events everywhere in the south of France. With the subscription in this small team, I hope to complete a good season of mountain biking with at least one ride a week. I tend to think that mountainbiking is one of the good way to improve my road cycling, especially the climbing by increasing my spining cadency while going up. So at a rythm of 30km per week for 52 weeks, I should have about 1500 km offroad!

The other step is to set a calendar of fun events, here are the 3 first entries of this calendar:

1/3/2015 :  The Gravel 66 which is the first gravel event in France. It takes place in the department of Pyrenees Orientales (Perpignan’s area)

22/3/2015: The Corima Drome Provencale. A good reason to take my Corima Aero out!

4/4/2015: Ronde Von Vlanderen : the annual meeting on the belgian cobles!

I hope that I will do these 3 events and that I will go on with more events. See you in few weeks to see what I will have done!