Cycling in La Seu d'Urgell

La Seu d’Urgell, MTB and Road Cycling territory!

Last July, the Tour de France’route went through Spain and Andorra. And when I was on tour with Bikestyle, we stayed in the beautiful medieval town of La Seu d’Urgell (Sp) just at the border with Andorra. It was so cool to stay 2 nights there that I wanted to come back later and explore this area.

la Seu d'Urgell, Catalunya

So 2 weeks later, here we are for 10 days in the middle of the summer. We had very high temperature 40°C in the afternoon. We had to ride in the morning after a big brunch. The spanish nap was always following the rides then the swimming pool time.

La Seud'UrgellSwimming in La Seu d'Urgell

In La Seu d’Urgell, there are many mtb trails which are all very well signed. You can pick a map at the tourist info and organize your rides depending the level of difficulty or the time that you have. There is always a good itinerary matching! Regarding road biking, there are rides in the valley around La Seu on big roads but the traffic is really low and shoulders are big. I will add that the local are very friendly with the cyclist, maybe more than in France!

What is nice in La Seu, that is the spanish rythm: very slow. But you can find everything you need in town, grocery stores with nice fresh fruits and vegetables, bakeries, little restaurants, a bike shop and other shops… We went in Andorra to go shopping in the famous malls where you can find some bargains but not that much.

Even if it is a tourist town, it is not very crowded and it was easy to find a spot at the swimming pool everyday. And also in restaurant without booking.la_seu_d_urgell_mtb_2

After 10 days of riding swimming and hiking, we went back to the North of France to cooler a little bit ! La Seu d’Urgell is definetly a place to come back for cycling but also for the culture and the kindness of the Spaniards.

La Seu d'urgell cyclingLa Seu d'Urgell